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Family and Inheritance Mediation 
Based in
East Grinstead
and covering surrounding areas.

I have been a family mediator since 2009 and am accredited with the Family Mediation Council. My family mediation practice includes All Issues (Property, Finance & Child Arrangements), Child Only and Property & Finance Only.


I am also qualified to meet  with children in mediation and offer this extra service.


Currently my practice is with privately funded clients but I am registered with the Government Voucher Scheme that provides up to £500/family towards child only mediation costs.


I have also extended my practice to cover inheritance mediation for families or anyone in dispute over a will or inheritance issues.


I am able to offer online mediation depending on the circumstances



Sorting out family disputes
without going to court


If you are separating or divorcing, family mediation helps you sort out the practical issues so you can move on with your separate lives. Mediation includes all couples, families and extended families. Mediation avoids large solicitors' fees and going through the conflict of court. As a professional family mediator, I can help you work out what happens after you split up with making interim arrangements as well as completing a final financial settlement or Parenting Plan. Mediation can happen at any time, even years after separation. Mediation works by helping people find practical, workable, realistic solutions that all parties feel comfortable with.


A way of resolving conflict
out of court and avoiding large costs


Inheritance mediation works with anyone involved in a dispute over a will or inheritance and is a way of resolving conflict out of court and avoiding large costs. Mediation can be considered at any point in an inheritance dispute.


Mediation works by helping people find workable and realistic solutions that all parties feel comfortable with. As a mediator I will listen to all parties and help you to share your views and concerns with each other to reach an agreement. The legal system prefers it if you have tried mediation before you take a case to court.


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Shomini Whiting

Before being a family mediator, I was a qualified social worker for 15 years working with children & families and in mental health. I trained as a family mediator so I could guide families through the potentially stressful and divisive process of divorce and/or separation and avoid the trauma of court. 

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Pensive Coffee Time

Mr B, Surrey Jan 2022

“I found Shomini open, balanced and supportive which made the process as painless as possible….A good solution rather than through solicitors”

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Mrs B, Surrey Jan 2022

“Shomini was very professional and helpful throughout……...(she gave) clear explanations of the process…….Very pleased to have taken this route in a very upsetting situation”

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