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Shomini Mediation
Child Safeguarding Policy

My Practice beliefs


  1. I believe children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind.

  2.  I am responsible for promoting the welfare of children and young people and keeping them safe.

  3.  I am committed to conducting myself and my work/practice in a way that protects children and young people.


When concerns arise


  1. These may arise during initial discussions with clients, during individual or joint mediation meetings or during meetings I have with children (CiM meetings).

  2.  When a safeguarding issue arises I will aim to discuss my concerns with the parents or family of the child unless: -
    - A family member might be responsible for abusing the child.
    - The child or someone else may be put in danger by the family being involved
    - Informing the family might interfere with a criminal investigation.

  3. I will encourage any adult informant/parent to contact the relevant child safeguarding agency, including the NSPCC helpline, themselves and follow this up with them and/or the safeguarding agency.

  4.  If it is not appropriate for me to discuss our concerns with the parents/family for the reasons given above I would then discuss my concerns as a matter of priority (the same day or the next day) with my Professional Practice Consultant (PPC).

  5.  After discussing the case with my PPC I may make a referral to the relevant child safeguarding agency myself.


  6. If I am concerned a child or young person requires immediate protection and urgent action I will make a referral to the relevant child safeguarding agency immediately.

  7. Alternatively I may discuss my concerns – without disclosing the identity of the child or family – with the NSPCC helpline or relevant child safeguarding agency.

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